March Fishing Report, current 3/25/15

Fishing in the last week has slowed down a bit, partly do to lower and stable barometer readings,  west to northwest winds even though tides were really good.  The south winds earlier this month, resulted in superb fishing with limits of pompano being caught from the beach, even in dirty water.  A few gator trout are  being snagged as well with live bluerunners and pinfish as bait.  The fishing is picking back up again.  Now is the time to wet a  line when the fish are active  and looking for a quick snack.   What do you say, let’s give them something to munch on. The last  two client outings landed, sheephead, black drum, snook, trout, flounder, pompano, jack crevalle, whiting,  and catfish. Keeper snook and trout are in the first trough off the beaches and are looking for food!  Let’s not disappoint them.  Snook and trout on clear water days are quite easy  to sight fish.  These species you actually hunt,  and let me tell you,  nothing gets your blood pumping when you throw that  live bait and watch the fish take it.  Talk about an adrenaline rush.   I expect the keeper catch rate for these two favorite game fish to increase in the following weeks.   A very large pompano @ 16 1/2 fork-length was landed by Mr.  Tom Horcer  which gave him a run for his money!  It took at least 5 minutes to land this guy.  His daughter brought in a snook and trout as well.  Great day of fishing from the beach.  This “pig” of a pompano filleted out over two pounds and will easily feed the Horcer’s family of four, “one (1) fish.”   The fishing  conditions are expected to get even better next month in April when all hell busts loose!  April has been very consistent in providing varied catches from the beach in years past.   This is because the spring pattern is well established with warm days  and the wintering fish are very opportunistic feeders when there food is present.  Surprisingly, the beach ecosystem is rich with all kinds of bait, there for the taking.  Scaled sardines also known as whitebait or “greenbacks” are starting to appear in April more regularly and can be cast-netted from the beach.  Make sure you keep them alive to use for your whole day of fishing.   Sand fleas, also a great bait for the crustacean eaters like pompano, black drum, and sheepshead.  Snook, trout, redfish, and flounder will also strike a flea.  I encourage you to invest in a  Sand flea rake which will pay you back many times over in fresh fish. What a deal!  Come join me for your family fishing outing that you will remember for years to come! Take care and see you on the Beach! Happy Fishing! Coach Steve Herich

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